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3 Steps for Creating Sacred Space for your Self-Care

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Self-Love | 0 comments

Are you putting off starting a self-care routine?

I had a conversation one day about creating sacred space for Self-Care with a mom who was having trouble getting her self-care practice started because she was waiting to set up a room in her house to do the things she knows will give her relief from all the noise and busy-ness of her life.

It is easy to believe we need a special place to do what we think is necessary to restore the balance in our body, mind and spirit. A Sacred space that when we enter it we will feel the weight of our responsibilities just fall away.

It is a delicious idea isn’t it?

Maybe you are lucky enough to have such a room 😉

Meanwhile she is working almost full time, a mom of busy boys and no time for herself.

If you have been putting off a self-care routine until you have the time to create a sacred space, please remember you need to fuel up your own vehicle before you can drive others.

It doesn’t require a special room or equipment, only a dedication to find the feeling that would most fulfill your needs. Sacred Space can be a place where our mind quiets, our heart fills with gratitude and our body relaxes. There are many places and spaces you can improvise with.

You could, Take a drive to the beach, rail trail, or conservation area. Utilize a corner in your yard, request privacy in your bedroom for a half and hour or use a small amount of time when everyone is out of the house. Keep your special sacred pieces stowed in a small box that only comes out when you have your sacred moments.

Sacred Self Care Tray

Here are some tips for those Sacred Moments.

  • Find a few moments to take a break from your thoughts.-Write down all your worries and to-do’s and put them aside. Then let your thoughts rest. Imagine yourself at your favorite place. Go through all your senses until you can feel, smell, taste and hear what you remember from that place. When we can allow ourselves to quiet our minds and feel the essence of a place that we allow a powerful calm to come over our mind.
  • Fill your heart with your breath- Take a few moments to breath in deeply and fill your heart with fresh energy. Let go of any tightness or worry you find in the center of your chest. Then as you breathe in start to picture some of the things you are grateful for, let your heart fill with gratitude and radiate out of your body. 
  • To heal, the body requires you to move any stuck energy and emotions from past experiences. We don’t often recognize how tightly we hold stress, worry and hurt feelings inside our body. Have you ever had a massage and they found tight knots in your back or shoulders? Maybe you have a stiff neck or tight lower back. A chiropractor can certainly help these issues, yet the best way to deal with them is to address the feelings that brought on these ailments. Often feeling unsupported emotional or financially can settle in the lower back. Ask yourself what would help you to feel more supported? 

What would most nourish your soul at this time? 

Creating a Self-Care Routine can have humble beginnings. The more dedication you have will determine the size and intent of your space. You may start with a small spot to sit and use a few items you already have and eventually expand into a yoga practice with a full altar and an hour a day. The most important thing to consider is to give yourself a place and time to decompress from life. A that practice that will nourish your soul and restore your body.

Love and Blessings,

Charlene ❤️🙏✨


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