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4 Energy Worker Secrets for Empaths who Feel Powerless

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4 Energy Worker Secrets for Empaths who Feel Powerless

I know, it may be hard to admit. But as an empath do you ever feel powerless? You wake up feeling ready for the day, looking forward to a light day at work and then someone walks in and sucks the life out of the room.They leave you feeling like you wish you had called in sick. Uneasy about a confrontation that involves sending them away you keep quiet and let the internal pressure rise.

Your level of uncomfortable vibes goes up as your peace goes down. 

You can’t concentrate, never mind enjoy the easy day you had planned. Physically drained you feel the stress and tension in your neck and shoulders every time they enter the room. You wonder when you can look forward to the day when you no longer have to spend time with them.

The Energy Vampire has gotten control and it has been going on for far too long. As an Empath you have the superpower of being able to feel energy and the ability to shift it.

I know, you’ve tried everything to get them to leave you alone. You often excuse yourself in their presence. Under the pretense you have important work to attend to or a meeting soon. The more you walk away, the more urgent they become to follow you. You feel like you just can’t get a break and you feel the emotional and physical drain happening more often.

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge the fact that you have energetically given them permission to treat you this way.

 Think back to the very first time you met them. How did you interact with them? Where you polite and giving all of your empathy to their particular story?  Were you eager to please so you agreed with most of what they were saying, flaunting your supportive side?

Your thoughts are the energetic vibe your send out. The body language you use and the demeanor you have when you first meet someone sets up who has the power in the relationship.

And it is not never too late to change the energy of the relationship and still remain the wonderfully gifted and caring empath that you are to everyone.

If you find yourself in this situation there are several things you can do to regain your sense of control whenever you notice people are draining you. It is easier than you think to change the energy of the situation.

1. Energy Management to gain back control

The first thing is to start to consciously feel the energy around you. Most people have experienced walking into a room and becoming aware that an argument has taken place or something funny has just happened without actually being a witness with their own eyes.

Have you ever experienced this? You sense it through you own energy field and chakra system.  

  • Exercise: While you are sitting think about the energy surrounding you, What does it feel like? Then concentrate on how your energy feels? How does it change when you breathe in and out. Start paying attention to this on a regular basis. I promise you will start to learn to read the vibes that surround you. 
  • Once you learn how your energy feels, you can gain the ability to control it. This is done by exercises called grounding. Grounding is when you collect any negative energy, thoughts or body pain and send it through your body and down into the earth. It is easy to learn, simple to use and the best part is no one can tell you are doing it. 

Although, the energy vampires will feel the shift, they won’t understand that it is you using your gift as an empath to move energy.

Grounding by itself has the ability to turn your day around when you use it. Most spiritual people understand that grounding connects us to the earth and gives us a sense of feeling present in our body but many do not realize that we are actually detoxing ourselves from errant energies.

This is the most important tool to put in your toolbox of empath skills. Grounding removes the electric charge to any situation. It returns you to a peaceful state of being.

2. Good Vibrations to Empower and Renew

The vibes you send out are as critical as the vibes you are receiving when you want to feel empowered. When you go into a situation and send out a vibe that is expecting negativity you will get negativity in return. Thoughts are energetic things.

The majority of the time you do not even realize you are sending out an expectation of negative receiving. Our internal vibe is set when we are very young. We experience life and our vibe matches the people around us. 

If they are set to a low vibe we will match that vibe. Have you ever heard of the phrase “ You are most like the 5 people you spend the most time with” Well if your vibe is set higher you will feel other people pulling you down to their level if you are sensitive to energy. It is not a good feeling and difficult to protect yourself when you are unaware of its power. 

You can raise your vibe by experiencing positive emotions on a regular basis. Some ways to accomplish this is to practicing gratitude, meditation, connecting with nature, prayer and healing trauma or forgiving damaging experiences of your past. 

  • Exercise : When you encounter someone who feels low energy to you and you want to gain back control, simple raise your vibe by breathing into your heart space and sending them love and gratitude with your exhale. It sounds crazy but if you practice this you will notice a change in their demeanor. They may appear to shift into a good mood or you will see them physically relax and you will feel the tension leave the room.

Practiced on a regular basis you will be able to breath fresh energy into your feelings around old relationships. You can’t change the other person or their vibe but you can change how you feel about them.

3. Finding your power through Wonder Woman

Body Language sends a Powerful Message as an empath you may often take a protective stance. Be conscious of the cues you are sending out. The more you open up your body and take up more space the more powerful you will appear.

The body language you display is important, people pick up on body cues instinctively. They unconsciously study you and quickly decide where you are in the relationship.  

Here is some science in a Ted Talk with Amy Cuddy, Professor and Researcher from Harvard that explains Power Posing. It is important to work on you posture, stance , etc. When you feel powerless you try to take up less space by scrunching or trying not to bump into those around us. You may appear to be protecting yourself in some way with your arms, Deferring to those who appear to be more powerful.

Exercise: Practicing powerful poses such as the wonder woman stance for 2 minutes while you are alone will give you confidence to take more risk rather than playing it safe and effect a 25% decrease in cortisol and an increase in testosterone. You will appear authentic, with strong presence and by practicing, your body will change your mind and you will become powerful.

4. Be an intentional Observer and Peacemaker

You do not have to let someone disturb your peace. Practice detaching from your judgments and emotions. Your mind will still feel a little helpless sometimes. Let go of anger as quickly as you can, remind yourself that you are in charge of how people make you feel. When you ground the negative painful energy you are feeling you are able to become an observer of the situation.

Observe the energy surrounding you, integrate any feelings you have and allow the situation to play out. When you observe with the intention of feeling peace you will instantly feel better. Look for opportunities to find solutions that will make both parties happy.

Practice your energy work on a regular basis alone so that you are able to utilize it in the moment. Take the frantic and errantic energy out of situation and find peace in the moment.

You are secret energy worker.

It is in your power to gain back control. There is no reason to continue to allow energy vampires or anyone else to control your feelings or drain your physical energy.

Breathe into your heart space and send out love and gratitude, you can feel it and receive it in return. Allow your heart to burst with joy and feel at peace with the people and the world around you. 

That is where your power lies.When you send that vibe into the world you change us all including the person with whom you felt powerless! This is your Empath gift have fun using it! 


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