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7 Ways to Relieve Pain and Find Wellness with Reiki

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Do You feel that?

That little signal in your body that starts to pull at you slowly, drawing you in, your awareness of pain starting to rise, the clue your wellness is fading. Did you know you can relieve pain and find wellness with Reiki?

You’ve been taking care not to antagonize the pain, thinking it would lay dormant, but for some reason today it has decided to engulf you. You down a few of those over the counter pills hoping you can get ahead of the pain, but you can still feel the dull ache building.

You’re probably wondering how long it will last this time. You’re pretty sure your not going to feel up to going to the gym after work. You probably even have accepted the fact you may not sleep well tonight because of the pain.

You become consumed by the thought that pain may ruin your weekend and  your enjoyment of life has plummeted. You know you will lack the energy to pursue anything short of sitting on the couch and you’ve blocked any inspiration to seek help for your pain.

The doctors have given you little hope.

So you give up and just accept it as your reality.

But is it reality? Is there some other way to feel comfort from this pain that often sidelines you?

There just might be. You see, in the eastern cultures when someone is in pain the “doctors” treat the mind and spirit along with the body. They look at wellness as the whole person being in harmony. Often when the body is in pain it starts with the dis-harmonizing of the mind and spirit , a disruption of your energy.

You may recognize this as the feeling of distress you feel when you’re in pain. The pain consumes your thoughts and you have difficulty enjoying the simple things in life.

https://EmbracingLifeNow.as.me/DistantReikiThere is a healing technique that originated in Japan called Reiki. It has become common in many countries and is often used in hospitals as a complementary service to treatments for chronic illness like cancer and rehabilitation of the body.

Reiki is used to help patients with pain BEFORE the medication starts working. I learned this as a hospice volunteer and furthered my knowledge when I listened to several doctors and nurses from Spaulding Rehab center in Boston explain that they were all Reiki trained and used reiki before the painkillers have a chance to work.

It also is used to help lower anxiety and create a sense of calmness in patients before, during and after treatments.

The great thing is you don’t need to be hospitalized to receive Reiki it can become part of your sacred self-care routine. I share Reiki in person with clients on in Hudson, Ma as well as provide distant reiki healing over the zoom for clients who live far away.

Here are some of the ways that Reiki can help you relieve pain and restore you to feeling more blissful.

1. Stress

The more stress you are experiencing the more aware you are of pain. Stress causes our body to be on high alert with all nerves firing and creating awareness to dis-ease in our body.

The funny thing is that I have had clients who will rate they have pain, yet have no physical pain to point too, they are referring to stress and emotional pain they are experiencing.

When you unwind in a comfortable setting the worries of the day seem less intrusive and your wellness improves. A Reiki treatment room is often a place set to harmonize the mind and spirit with soft music or silence, your choice, Soft lightning and a massage table set up for your personal comfort.

I provide aromatherapy for clients who enjoy scent to help them release their stress. Reiki creates a comfortable space to unwind those knots that bind you up during the day, releasing the tension and pain so when you go home you are more likely to enjoy your family time.

relieve pain
A woman is sitting on a wooden bench, leg up, knee bent, and resting her elbow on her knee. Her head is resting against her hand. She is deep in thought, tired. In her other hand, she holds water.

2. Energy level

Reiki can help restore your energy when you feel drained. When the body is in pain or if you are running yourself ragged with errands it can often drain you and you become energetically depleted. High emotional states can drain your energy as well.

Reiki allows universal energy to flow gently through you, which raises your internal vibration. Often clients get off the table feeling like they’ve had a good rest, at the same time, any feeling of tension or internal unrest releases.

An added benefit is you tend to breathe more deeply during a session and by default take in more oxygen which raises the energy level of your cells giving you the physical sensation of wellness and restoring the flow of energy to the body. Although some clients have trouble settling in and require several appointments to learn how to relax and accept the energy.

3. Sleep

There is no better self-care than sleep, Insomnia is a problem for most people at some point in their life. Some even experience it on a regular basis.

Do you get at least 8 hours a night? Many women I know get overwhelmed with their to do list and end up planning tomorrow at bedtime, then have trouble falling asleep due to their busy mind .

Reiki can calm the mind and restore your bodies natural sleep rhythm. It helps to release some of the trivial thoughts and tensions that we carry. Reiki can align you with your higher mind and all those thoughts that seemed so urgent can lose some of their power.

Making it easy to release some of those persistent worries so that you sleep more peacefully.

4. Clarity

Another way that Reiki can improve your wellness is to add clarity when you are trying to make a decision or seek change. It can help you to gain insight into what you truly want and opens the path of guidance on how to get there.

You can set an intention at your beginning of your session and often the answers you seek will show themselves within a day or two, if not during the session itself.

It can also bring to light what has been become a block to your success. A memory may come up during your session or later as a dream that gives you insight into what needs attention to be able to let go, make peace with the past and allow you to move forward.

During Healing sessions, readings , and Akashic sessions with clients healing often takes place naturally through our conversation and reiki flows on its own.

5. Body Pain

Relief from body pain with reiki can be life changing . I have had hospice patients who were unable to get up, feel enough relief and energy that they were able to spend the rest of the day enjoying time with their family out of their bed or chair.

Reiki helps speed up recovery time after surgery, gives heart attack patients that receive reiki a shorter, healthier recovery and gives people who suffer everyday aches ease in their pain level and more mobility.

It is perfect to apply to new injuries as well. It can speed up recovery and diminish the amount of pain pills that you ingest if you dislike taking medication.

6. Spiritual Connection

Wellness can be improved by one’s spiritual beliefs and the feeling of connection to something greater than ourself. Reiki can fill you with a feeling of deep hope and contentment that people often find in their faith.

Reiki practitioners set sacred space for a session and are conduits for universal spiritual energy. During a session clients often feel blissful and in tune with something higher than themselves as they feel in touch with their guides, angels, and past loved ones. Many have spiritual experiences with consistent Reiki appointments.

7. Digestion

Modern day science is now pointing to our stomach as the brain of the body, Our bio-dome, which is in charge of controlling how our body breaks down the food we eat. They have found when we follow a poor diet it can cause inflammation in the body.

So those achy knees and body stiffness that so many people feel today begins in our digestion. During a session the most prominent feelings of reiki working can often be felt in the digestion. Reiki clears the energy of the chakra’s which run through the center of the body.

Traditional hands on reiki sessions start by treating the stomach area which releases energy directly through the digestion and main organs of the body.

Many clients who experience digestion problems and chronic conditions like crohn’s disease, etc. find that reiki can help move things along and give relief from internal distress or inflammation of the digestive tract.

Bliss out your Wellness with Reiki

The amount of body pain you feel is often relative to your own personal set point of wellness. If many of these set points rise with reiki you are likely to feel well. Left unbalanced with several of these points deficient, your perception of body pain will be higher.

After a reiki session you will leave feeling more settled, calm and ready to walk confidently into life.

Your wellness is within your control.

Attention to your mind, body and spiritual connection plays a role in your everyday experiences. Reiki can be an easy addition in your sacred self-care schedule and show great improvement in mobility, mental attitude and a calmer more radiant you.

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