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How to Spark Creativity Daily

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Where do you get your best ideas?

Have you had those lightning fast moments of brilliance that come when you least expect it and fill you with excitement.

The spark of creative inspiration.

The awesome solution to a problem that you have been slaving over that just pops into your mind in an instant.

I get my best ideas in the shower.

The white noise of the water is an excellent conduit to amplifying my creative thoughts. Recently they have been happening often and I write them down in a hurry so when I am ready to take action they are there to expand upon.

Creativity comes from within, uninhibited if we let it…

These thoughts come from my own intuitive guidance, insight for the next step in my life. First of all, Water is free flowing energy. Energy is all around us and within us, (think of science class and the atom) and thoughts are energy as well. I have learned a lot about energy in the past few years as I have become fascinated about how to release blocked or stagnant energy with Reiki and Life Coaching methods. 

Releasing the stuck energy and negative thought patterns in order to be a success is a difficult and sometime long process.

Yet it can be as simple as taking a shower.

It seems crazy to say, right?

Well, try it.

What is your deepest desire?

Think about it the next time you shower.

What is keeping you from your deepest desire?

Think of the story you are living that tells you why you haven’t received your desired result. Think of the consistent thoughts you have around the story. How are they keeping you stuck in the same circular pattern of not being successful at receiving what you want?

Let all those thoughts be washed away from the shower. Watch them go down the drain one by one until their is no more obstacles and no more story.

There is only your deepest desire left.

How does it appear now?

Visualize in vibrant color, and let go of the obstacles…

Create the perfect vision in detail.

How does it feel different?

Do this several times in the shower and write down your great ideas.

This is your life to create.

Once you let go of any stuck energy and negative thought patterns you will be well on your way to getting spontaneous moments of great inspiration.

You will also begin to let go of fears, anxiety and stress that are born out of spending our day in the muck of negative thinking.

Fear , anxiety and stress will evaporate slowly the more you practice this exercise. As a result of letting go of negative thought patterns you free yourself to live a life full of Joy. Your dreams and visions are worth the few minutes of thought in the shower that would otherwise be filled with the grocery list or rehashing the argument you had with your family member.

Creativity on the Go…

Look for your action steps to manifest your desire as you go through your day. What are you noticing? Creativity doesn’t just happen when you sit down with pen and paper, paint or crafts.

Creativity happens in life.

People give us inspirational thoughts, they may step in and present us with an idea or offer to help with getting what we desire.

Manifest your dream by paying attention to the serendipitous acts that happen. Little cues that remind you of your deepest desire as you go through your day.

Become conscious of your thoughts .

The energetic impact of negative thinking is damaging to every part of your existence and life experience. It keeps you from being successful.

Allow creativity to show itself.

Stay glued in believing you will receive the experience you desire and you will be well on your way. Creative solutions surround you daily that can transport you to your greatest desire.

Love and Blessings,

Charlene ❤️🙏✨


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